GALATI (county) - eastern Romania, occupying an area of 1,708 square miles (4,425 square km), bounded on the east by Moldova. The county is bordered in the east by the Prut River and in the south and west by the Siret River, both of which drain southeastward. Amid the county's lowlands and rolling hills lies Lake Brates, Romania's largest freshwater lake, near Galati city, the county capital. Machinery, iron products, textiles, and canned goods are produced in Galati and Tecuci. Galati city is Romania's leading producer of ships. Livestock raising and cereal growing are the major agricultural activities. An agricultural school and a museum of history and science are found in Tecuci. Remains of a 6th-5th-century-bc settlement and a Roman fortress are situated in Barbosi village. Carpina and Ghimia villages are fishing resorts beside Lake Brates. Galati has a university. Galati, Tecuci, and Tārgu Bujor are centres for highway and railroad connections.

           Galati city, capital of Galati county, southeastern Romania. An inland port about 120 miles (190 km) northeast of Bucharest, it is situated on an eminence among the marshes at the confluence of the Danube and Siret rivers, on the southwestern shore of Lake Brates.



     * Galmondo - 4 star -
     * Vega - 3 star -
     * Galati - 3 star -
     * Faleza - 3 star - Str. Rosiori, 1
     * Alex - 3 star
     * Kreta - 4 star - Str. Nicolae Balcescu, 112
     * Dunarea - 2 star - Bd. Republicii, 15
     * Sofin - 2 star - Bd. George Cosbuc, 2
     * Sport - 1 star - Str. Cuza Voda, 51
     * Campus of University "Dunarea de Jos" Galati

Galati Train Station (Gara Galati) Strada Garii nr. 1 (0.4 miles from downtown).
Public Transportation
Several bus routes connect Galati's main areas and tourist attractions - Route 102
Main Attractions and Nearby Attractions

Fortified Church of Precista, Mavromol Church, The Orthodaox Cathedral, Palace of Justice, Maritime Terminal, Marine Museum, Botanical Garden Museums, Museum of Visual Arts, Museum of History, Museum of Natural History Arts, Drama Theater "Fani Tardini," Musical Theater "Nae Leonard", The Garboave Forest - natural oak tree reserve (1,000 acres), Ostrov Prut Natural Park etc.